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Questions you should be asking your storage facility

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When renting a storage unit, most people ask the same three questions. 

  1. Do you have this size open

  2. How much will this cost

  3. When can I move in 

While these are important, not all storage facilities are created equal. Here are some qualifying questions so you know you're in good hands. 

Question: What does security look like? 

Do they have security cameras? How can they be checked? Many facilities offer security cameras, but they don't tell you whether or not they can be monitored when the manager isn't on site. 

Question: What do they do for pest control? 

Rodents and roaches and flies, oh my! It's best to opt for a company that prioritizes your business enough to be proactive with their critter needs. 

Question: Is this a drive-up or a climate control unit? 

There's no humidity like Southern humidity. Some items, such as musical instruments or antiques, are better suited for climate or temperature-controlled units rather than drive-ups. 

Question: What is the plan for site improvements?

Rate changes are inevitable yet necessary for maintenance. If rate changes are coming soon, ensure you ask what's on the horizon. 

Question: Have they joined the state's Self Storage Association? 

Did you know that operators who have joined the state association are less likely to go rogue with unethical and usually illegal business practices? There are laws protecting self storage tenants and operators alike. Facility owners stay in the know of new regulation and industry trends.

When you rent a unit, it's important to make sure you're in good hands. Always make sure you ask more than just "what are the rules here". You'll never regret being cautious and weeding out the bag eggs.

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