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Why do Storage Facilites Require Insurance?

An insurance policy document

When you rent a storage unit, it's not uncommon for the facility to ask you to either provide insurance or take out a policy during your stay. Why is this?

Why is it required?

Should something happen to your items that's beyond our control, facility insurance covers things like the roof and the walls. It does not cover tenant items.

Your own policy:

Do you have homowner's or renter's insurance? Look over your policy and you'll find that many companies do cover self-storage units.


Should something happen consider facility insurance. The deductibles seem to be significantly lower. Most policies require that you have a disk lock. We provide a new, sealed lock with each rental.

What if I really don't want to have storage insurance?

We have a waiver for you to sign when you move in. We use e-sign to streamline everything.

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