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Spring Cleaning Storage Solutions: Tips for Decluttering and Self-Storage

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As we move into springtime, many people are cleaning their homes and reducing clutter. Often, this leads to the need for self-storage. Here are a few tips to know where to get started. In a home, most people begin with the most visible things first.

1. Throw away all the trash

Grab a trash bag and move throughout the room. What can be recycled? What is trash? You'd be surprised and horrified at how much can be thrown away. If something is broken or needs to be repaired, most of the time, it falls into the "toss it" category. If you're going to rent a self-storage unit, the trash doesn't go in the unit.

2. Remove all the laundry

The last time I cleaned my sewing room, I found three pairs of socks and two sweaters. Put all of the clothing in a dirty clothes basket.

3. Remove everything that doesn't belong in that room

Did you find the frying pan in the living room? Occasionally, things seem to migrate all over your house. It can be helpful to grab an empty laundry basket and place all items that don't belong in that room in the basket. Just don't forget to clean out that basket!

5. Put everything in it's place

People who perpetually have tidy homes will tell you that everything always has a place. If you find something and don't know where to put it, ask yourself, "If I was looking for this, where would I put it?" Then, put the item in that place. If you're organizing, put the item with its cousins. A hot glue gun should go with glue sticks.

6. Declutter as you go

Most of us have too much stuff. If you haven't used something in a year or longer, it doesn't need to be in your home. Is there an old hobby that no longer interests you? Donate or sell the supplies. Many reputable charities in Blue Ridge and the surrounding areas would be happy to use your unneeded items.

7. Consider renting a storage unit

If you find that despite your efforts, you still have items you're not ready to part with, such as seasonal decorations or items with sentimental value, storage solutions might be the answer

We all decorate our homes for the holidays. Store your 12-foot skeleton or Christmas trees in a storage unit. If you're selling something and don't know where to put it until it sells? Put that in your unit as well. Storage units are also an excellent place to hide Christmas presents!

As you get started with cleaning, don't overlook the need for additional storage solutions. Work in small 45-minute sprints and then take a break. Do one room per day. By working on your spring cleaning storage solutions, you can have peace of mind and an easier time cleaning in the future.

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