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Labeling your moving boxes

Moving boxes labeled for self-storage

Whether you're moving to a new home or just clearing out some space, one thing remains the same: you're probably going to need a box or two. When you box up your things, it's best to take the time to organize your items and label the boxes. This saves you time and a headache later. First things first: grab your markers and your tape. Let's look at some ways to label

Labeling your box:

If you're using plastic tubs, put so`me masking tape down and write the contents of the box right on the tape

Consider color coding

Use stickers or different colored tape or for your moving box label if you're working with more than one room.

Numbering System

Put a number for each box as a moving box label. Put the contents of each box on a spreadsheet or a piece of paper.

QR Codes

There are many places where you can make labels that scan with your phone.

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