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What is the most popular size storage unit?

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When you call to rent a storage unit, the first thing the person on the line is going to ask you is "What size unit do you need?". The most popular answer we get is "I have no idea". Today we are going to explore the most common scenarios for the need of a self- storage unit with the most popular sizes.

Popular Size 5X10-

This size unit is most appropriate when you're cleaning out a room in your house. Many people use these to store their holiday decorations and an extra mattress. Many college students or military personnel will store their things in a unit of this size. It is also common for people to rent a unit of this size to stow away Christmas presents. Santa stores here!

Popular size 10X10-

This is 100 square feet. Maybe you're cleaning out the garage and decluttering your home. You can put larger furniture in these units, along with the boxes. This size is the most versaitle.

Popular size 10X15-

The contents of two bedroom apartment can fit in a unit of this size. You can fit appliances, large furniture and of course boxes in these units. Most people who are renovating their homes or cabins have units of this size.

Popular size: 10X20

This is the largest size unit we offer at A&G Storage. This can fit the contents of an entire home. Most people who are in between homes put their things in storage while they wait for their home or apartment be ready.

Still unsure? We have an interactive calculator on our website! Whether you are storing your lawnmower or the contents of grandmother's home, A&G Storage has a unit for you.

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